Hi, we’re Audissey. We are modern day storytellers – instead of a campfire and a lyre, we use digital cameras and laptops. We specialize in making beautiful video – and using technology to do it affordably and quickly.

And I’m Rob Pyles. I’m a surfer, videographer, a writer, and most importantly, a husband and dad.

 I founded Audissey in 2005 because I’m obsessed with the age-old art of storytelling. The idea for Audissey was born in a farmer’s field in Ireland, after a long walk and a few pints.

When you work with Audissey, you’re not just working with a production company. You’re teaming up with an established team of content developers, storytellers and technologists who can offer everything you need to tell your story well. 





The media’s been  kind to us.  We’re honored to have been covered by some of the biggest and most interesting publications out there.